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What is Support Coordination?

NDIS support coordination is a type of assistance that helps NDIS participants to understand and use their NDIS funding to achieve their goals. Support coordinators work with participants to identify their needs and goals, and assist them to develop a plan to achieve those goals. This can include connecting participants with appropriate service providers, helping them to access community resources, and liaising on their behalf to ensure they receive the support they need.

Support coordinators also play an important role in helping participants to review and monitor their progress, and make any necessary adjustments to their plan to ensure they are on track to achieve their goals. They work closely with participants and their families to ensure that the support they receive is tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

Overall, NDIS support coordination is an invaluable service that helps NDIS participants to get the most out of their NDIS funding and achieve their goals. 

Our commitment to you: prompt and reliable service delivery

Plan implementation

  • We'll meet with you one-on-one to explain your plan and discuss your goals

  • Connect you with supports and services to help you achieve your goals and overcome barriers..

  • Develop a budget for your support needs and plan.

  • Help setting up the NDIS portal

Ongoing support after plan implementation

  • Review and monitor your supports

  • Support you with implementing assistive technology

  • Work with you to create and implement crisis planning.

  • Monitor your support needs

Prepare for your plan review

  • As a registered provider we work closely with NDIS, NDIS partners and your team to gather supporting documentation for your review.

  • Support you during your plan review meeting.

  • We can support you with an early plan reassessment if your support needs or situation changes.

  • Support you with a home and living request to explore living options.


Connecting with us is a breeze!

Step 1. Get in touch and we'll match you with the right Support Coordinator

Step 2. A matched Support Coordinator you will contact you to introduce themselves within 24 hours and schedule in time to meet.

Step 3. Have an obligation free meeting with to discuss your NDIS plan, goals and support needs. This meeting is an opportunity to make sure the Support Coordinator is the right fit for you.

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