You decided to become self-employed for the freedom, right?  Because it would be awesome to not have to answer to a boss and work your socks off, only for them to reap the rewards and get the recognition. Because you could ditch work for the week and jump on a plane whenever you feel like it. Because you could take sick days (or Netflix days) without having to ring up and put on your best feeble voice. Because you could make more time for your family or your other half.

Then you started your business, and it’s awesome, but you had no idea exactly how tough it was going to be. Other business owners make it look so damn easy with their logos, slick websites and blog posts published every Wednesday like clockwork. You’re stunned to find that the actual thing you do for a living, the heart of your business, only plays a small part in your working day. You knew that marketing yourself was important, but it’s not easy and it’s time-consuming.

Struggling with promoting your business?

Blogs are to business owners what Google is to hypochondriacs. You think you’ve found the answer so you go on the advice only to stumble onto another blog that says the exact opposite, and you feel like your business is doomed because you don’t know the right way. Here’s some of the conflicting advice:

  • Promote your business on Facebook and Twitter/ Don’t promote your business on Facebook and Twitter, it’s a waste of time
  • Get on LinkedIn and make contacts/Get on LinkedIn but don’t send messages to people who don’t know you (so how do you make contacts?)
  • Start a blog that’s relevant to your target audience/ Don’t regurgitate stuff that’s already been done, be original (everything’s been said before though? Nothing is truly original)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (how you get found through search engines) is crucial to being found/ SEO is written for search engines instead of people so don’t bother if you want your business to grow (well, which is it?)
  • Make yourself look like a big company so people trust you/Be yourself and be honest, so people trust you

How we can help and who this is for

We take all the guess-work out and offer you one simple, streamlined package for your business. We don’t do corporate jargon and intimidating business personas in suits. SpringUp is for you if you:

  • Work by yourself, or run a small team
  • Want more time to do what you do for a living
  • Want to be yourself in your business, instead of pretending you’re a big corporation
  • Don’t want to feel nervous about reaching out to other business owners
  • Want to promote your brand without having to juggle it all yourself
  • Need help with your day-to-day tasks
  • Want to find more customers 
  • Are technophobic and don’t know how to get your business online

What we offer you

A clean, hassle-free webpage to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime

Ok, so when you join SpringUp, you get a web profile that goes into our global member directory. It’s not one of those directories where you fill in some details in the hope it will help your business, then it gets lost in a sea of other people and you forget all about it. ‘Directory’ isn’t really the right word. It’s a community. You can see members from all over the world and get in touch easily. We encourage being active in our platform and starting conversations with others like yourself.

Your personalised profile

It’s fully customisable, and you can choose your own URL (for the technophobes, that’s the little tag at the end of a website address). So, you’re not just another face; it’s like having your own website and you can make it feel like your own. We give you unlimited media allowance, so you can upload as many pictures and imbed as many videos as you like.

Automatic, research-free SEO with your profile

As we mentioned earlier, SEO and the advice about it can be confusing. So, to save you banging your head against the wall, we take care of it automatically on your profile so you don’t even need to think about it. Your page has a built-in structure for SEO to get you near the top when prospects are looking for you online (that’s the basics of it, we won’t go into all the boring details).

Get 4x more visibility for your business

Ah yes, social media. If you’ve spread your brand over several avenues, it’s super easy to bring them all together and link to them on your web profile. Like a traditional website, your SpringUp profile can be the hub for all the channels you use to promote your business. The internet’s a crowded place and we give you as many advantages over your competition as we can.

Speaking of squashing your competition giving you a helping hand, it’s not just your social media profiles that can shout about your work. With us, it’s like having an additional marketer working for your brand. You never know, we could get your business in front of people you don’t know yet that could lead to networking or future work for you. We do this by promoting your business via our blog, social media and email newsletter if you get our special add on – Online Booster Pack. This gives you FOUR times more visibility – when someone searches for you on Google, they’ll see your webpage, our blog article about you, and our social media shout-out all pop up. And our email newsletter puts your brand straight into potential prospects’ inboxes. Add that to your own marketing efforts, and you will be seen by far more people.

"Once again a reflection of the good work put in by the dynamic team at Springup".

Wayne Clarke, Owner at Val Leather, Toowoomba

How does this help me save money?

If you are outsourcing everything to different people, then you have been spending a whole lot of money. We charge one upfront fee and that’s it. No hidden costs at all, scout’s honour. Your membership includes access to member discounts and valuable resources so you’re continually growing your skills set and adding more value to your business.


"SpringUp helped my business create a great first impression to my customers. With my one-page website in the SpringUp directory, I am able to get leads constantly".

Scott Royal, Owner at Royal Flush Plumbing Services QLD

Questions and answers

I already have a website, why do I need this?

That’s awesome, but don’t forget it’s not just a webpage we’re offering. Are you getting near the top on search engines? Are you getting all the visibility for your business that we can offer you through our promotions? We are offering a package that rolls everything you need for a website (and extras) into one, and for a fraction of the cost. One upfront price for the year, and you know your online business needs are covered.

I don’t know if I have enough to say to write my profile?

Trust us, every business owner does; it’s about asking the right questions to get you thinking then you will be surprised at how much you do have to say. It’s thinking in terms of how your brand is unique, who your target audience is and how you can help them. If you’re really struggling, our copywriters can take your answers and write up some polished words for you.

English isn’t my native language; how can I write an engaging profile?

Same as above, we would be happy to write it for you. We have helped plenty of business owners get over the language barrier to connect with other entrepreneurs and customers.

I’m a local business, and everyone in my town knows me. Why would I need this?

The fact is, that most people now look online (even if they come to you in person, chances are they’ve gone online first to try and find more info). Taking your business online is how your business can grow, and open up to other businesses and customers. If you want to go for it, and you’re not sure where to start, we’re happy to help.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We offer a no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

"OH WOW, whilst browsing the internet tonight, I came across my feature page. I am so so pleased with what SpringUp have done".

Ruth Chai Njiino, Migration Lawyer at Ruth Migration