5 Ways to Promote Small Business Customer Loyalty Through Digital Marketing

Winning customers over is the goal of every business. As it grows as an organisation, however, a bigger goal emerges: to turn every customer into a loyal patron, someone who would regularly procure products and services, and perhaps even promote them to personal contacts like a brand ambassador would. This can be a challenging task for small businesses, but one that can be overcome through digital marketing.

Top Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Managing Their Online Communities

For small businesses, every dollar spent towards creating and maintaining an online community is precious. This makes it reasonable to expect good performance, as reflected by lead conversion figures. When this does not happen, it is easy to blame the platform as unworthy of the investment, without reflecting on what they might have been doing wrong.

These Are The Most Common Myths About Social Media Marketing

Over the years, we at SpringUp have held the hands of many small businesses as they navigated the tricky world of digital marketing. Often, we found ourselves trying to dispel long-held myths about going online, with many small businesses having negative preconceived notions particularly about social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing 101: 3 Things Local Businesses Should Be Doing On Facebook

Among today’s social media marketing platforms, Facebook stands out as the most accessible for today’s small businesses. It’s free, it has wide reach, and it regularly updates its features to keep up with the times. Local businesses, in particular, will find plenty of opportunities for growth, if they make the most out of its offerings, and adopt a solid content and community management strategy.

Top 3 Reasons Bootstrapping Your Business is Not All That Bad

Bootstrapping. If you have ever started a business, you would have done it. One of the inevitable essential to your startup is…funding. And most of us who’ve been there, rarely have much of it!

2017’s Hottest Tips for Small Business Success

The success of even the most brilliant business idea depends on many factors – chief among them being evolving customer preferences and the growth trajectory of your target market.

Gray Accountants: Professional Accounting Services that's Second to None

For the technical and financial aspects of your business or personal life, it is ideal to look for a certified accountant whom you can work with over the long haul. Of course, dealing with money and the future requires high levels of trust and confidence in others.

Benefits of Financing Your Own Startup

Many businesses are started with the help of loans, and there's nothing wrong with that. Loans provide an opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas but with limited funding.

5 Useful Pieces of Advice When Going from Employee to Entrepreneur

There are many analogies that starting entrepreneurs make when asked to describe their transition from employment to entrepreneurship, but one analogy sticks because it rings so true, ‘it's like jumping off a cliff’.

Why Australia is a Great Startup Hub

You know Australia is awesome in so many ways, but sometimes you fail to realise that it is also awesome for small business owners like you. Just think about the 108 percent increase in startups over the past year alone! Success stories don’t stop there, take for example,  local names like BigCommerce who are making waves in the international startup scene.