2017’s Hottest Tips for Small Business Success

The success of even the most brilliant business idea depends on many factors – chief among them being evolving customer preferences and the growth trajectory of your target market.

Gray Accountants: Professional Accounting Services that's Second to None

For the technical and financial aspects of your business or personal life, it is ideal to look for a certified accountant whom you can work with over the long haul. Of course, dealing with money and the future requires high levels of trust and confidence in others.

Benefits of Financing Your Own Startup

Many businesses are started with the help of loans, and there's nothing wrong with that. Loans provide an opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas but with limited funding.

5 Useful Pieces of Advice When Going from Employee to Entrepreneur

There are many analogies that starting entrepreneurs make when asked to describe their transition from employment to entrepreneurship, but one analogy sticks because it rings so true, ‘it's like jumping off a cliff’.

Why Australia is a Great Startup Hub

You know Australia is awesome in so many ways, but sometimes you fail to realise that it is also awesome for small business owners like you. Just think about the 108 percent increase in startups over the past year alone! Success stories don’t stop there, take for example,  local names like BigCommerce who are making waves in the international startup scene.

Mumma Ds Cakes: Homemade, Personalised Cakes that Suit Every Budget

When the media talks about startups, they often refer to tech companies that involve large funding and a breakthrough product. But as serial entrepreneurs know, startups come in all kinds and sizes. Sometimes, we do not have to look far from home to find them.

Starting a Small Business? Join a Network of Startup Entrepreneurs

One of the things that you may have realised upon starting your business is that self-employment gives you enough freedom to work on things that greatly matter for your business. After all, what could go wrong? With your able hands, you can attend to each aspect of your business without having to answer to someone else.

How the Government Could Further Help Small Businesses

Being a small business owner isn't as easy as other people make it out to be. Yes, there are a lot of advantages, but there are also downsides. You would, of course, agree that putting up and managing a business on your own entails an unbelievable amount of effort, superhuman in fact – so much so that it seems impossible to juggle responsibilities all at once.

The Challenges of Putting Up an Online Business

Starting a business is one thing, setting up an online shop is another. The internet is home to an ocean of shops, each one trying to find their own niche to try and stand out. 

How Startup Business Owners Can Build Lasting Connections

The art of doing business is multi-faceted; not only does it require you to sell your product or service, it also prompts you to build meaningful connections, business-related or otherwise. These connections will eventually become the life blood of your business, and therefore should be treated with utmost importance. However, networking isn't as easy as it sounds especially for startup owners who have yet to tread the business community, some for the very first time. For the brave, networking is a breeze, while you may find it a daunting challenge.