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Our Story

In 2015, SpringUp founder Mary Juria found herself at a crossroads. Her employer was downsizing, and she knew it was time to find another job.

But as a mother of three school-aged children in her early forties, she craved challenge, flexibility, and fulfilment. She needed to start something she could sustain and passionately do – in between and after school hours, for the next ten years at the least.

So she made the big leap from 20 years of corporate employment to being self-employed.

The transition was scary and difficult, considering she had zero entrepreneurial background, no digital marketing experience, tight resources, and was completely unprepared.

At the onset, she discovered how hard it was to grow a start-up, particularly for the self-confessed introvert, who also had zero contacts, connections, and online presence.

She wasn’t alone.

There are many others who are starting a business with very little experience, knowledge, and resources. There are many who are overwhelmed and dread the mere idea of having to expose themselves for business promotion.

And so she found a problem to solve.

She founded SpringUp so any business owner, from anywhere in the world, could easily find, meet and deal with more customers and better suppliers at anytime.

Since then, she has been dedicated to making it  as easy as possible for people to take their business online. She wanted to help those who are barred from the opportunities of online promotion by the excessive costs, time commitment, lack of skills, and difficulty of building and maintaining an online presence.

Today, SpringUp is a team of professionals who are equally passionate about empowering the world’s budding entrepreneurs. SpringUp features business owners from all over Queensland, and is widening its reach across Australia and the rest of the world.

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